Saturday 20 March 2010

Day 2 - Moshi

Easy day today before starting trek tomorrow at 7. Went 'shopping' to Moshi, a local shanty town. Very depressed and poverty everywhere. There were 12 of us and we were chaparoned by around 20 locals trying to get us to buy their wares. Very aggressive and not for the faint hearted!

Our fellow Trekkers from down south arrived today, spent the afternoon by the pool 'bonding'. We have been advised to expect rain tomorrow. Great!

Above photo: Our first peek at the top!

Hamish enjoying his breakfast


  1. Glad Hamish you enjoyed your breakfast, enjoy your day of rest before you start the big Trek.

    Puppy & Zara xxx

  2. Hi Chris, hope ur sharing ur brolly with Hamish. I'd luv 2 meet him some day! Good luck! xx

  3. Hi Dad (Ronnie), hope you are doing ok and looking forward to your first day. Thinking of you and hope the rain stays off. :-)
    Love Laura & Neil xxx

  4. All the best to you all for the start of your climb tomorrow...Kathleen this is where all that good training now goes to good use,All the best ...following you all the way....way to go!! Yer on yer to all from Lorna Trainer X

  5. Hi John and Kathleen, 1st day done already, well done guys, keep it going.Good luck to all. Love Pamela and Davie and boys xxx

  6. We just got back from there! We loved the trip and the people were incredible. Have a great climb and enjoy every minute of it. We wish you the best!

    Robert Dickie III