Saturday 27 March 2010

The Final Day

should I have a shave now???
John writes:

Following summitting yesterday we wake to the strange sights of us looking like we have all had plastic surgery! Weather beaten, sunburned there are also a few with painful snowblindness. The porters tell us that this has been the hardest weather on the mountain for years. We club gear together to leave them, gloves, sleeping bags, poles, gators are piled up & then tips are collected & we experience the final singing & dancing before they are given out to the cries of RESPECT! MAXIMUM!

We head off for the last trek to the gate & what was billed as 3 hrs turns easily to more than 5! Knees are done in. Beer & good food at the bottom though along with a monsoon type shower but we don't care.

Every day of this trip has been different & great. Best bit was seeing my wife coming back from the Uhuru Peak as I was slowly making the last 1km there. We were separated during the night & the doc got me confused with another guy & told her I was sent down.

To reach the peak was great & better because I did it with Steve Hyde, the man I talked into coming with us for his 50th.

Had a phenominal experience but I am never doing this again & camping will be in hotels from now on!

Beer time!

John McCallum

John has also sent over some photos of the last few days, you can view them here.


  1. Oh that bit about K has made me well up....Just like" the Last of the Mohicans" ..."just stay alive.....I will find you....just stay alive!" favourite line from a movie sniff . xx

  2. Sounds more like an endurance test rather than a charity trek. Hope you're all recovering well... I'm sure a few beers & some sleep on the plane will help. Glasgow airport is going to be an emotional hotspot today! I don't know most of you, but that doesn't matter... you're all amazing people. Take care & safe home. Mags xx

  3. Well done, see you in West Kilbride.