Sunday 21 March 2010

The Trek - Day 1

Chris reports:

"Day 1, at 11am we had a shower, our colleagues through it was rain but us Scots knew different. At 2pm it really started raining, torrential. Thanks to my wife for making me bring a yellow poncho, even though I ended up looking like a drowned canary."

Ian reports:

"Day 1 trek completed, about 5 and a half hours through the rainforest, and they don't call it a rainforest for nothing! Rained for 2 hours, feet are gouping!"

Hamish update:

Final kit check with Hamish taking charge of the group:


  1. Chris - it was the BLUE poncho you were to take -I just knew I should have done the packing! Hoping your headache is just the lack of some good old red wine - pop the pills and keep treking! Take care.x

  2. Hi to everyone - hope everything is going well and good luck for the rest of the week..... Lyn, Fundraising office x

  3. Hi Daddy. Me and Jackson have been good boys today. We miss you and we have been looking at the big hill that you are climbing. I have got new dinosaurs to show you when you get home.

    We all love you. Good luck tomorrow.

  4. PS that was actually from Nic and the boys but we could only get it to work with MDs email!!!

  5. Happy birthday to you Roger!We are all missing you loads!Love to everyone.Sus and the gang xxx

  6. What a braw bunch! Hope you all look just as good at the end of the trek.

  7. Nic, Logan and Jackson22 March 2010 at 19:23

    Hi Daddy.

    Hope you had another good day climbing. Mummy says you are doing really well and Hamish is climbing with you. Wait till you see my walking, it is getting really good. I will be able to walk to meet you on Sunday when you get home. I am writing the message tonight as I have been a good boy today even when Logan was a little bit naughty. We all love you and miss you.

    Lots of love Jackson (and Logan x)

  8. Happy Birthday Roger. Hope you've all managed to dry out. It's been pissing down in Seamill today too if that's any consolation. love to Steve xxx

  9. Happy Birthday Roger! hope you've all managed to dry out. It's pouring here in Seamill too !
    love to Steve xxx

  10. Thinking about you all and hoping that you are managing ok. Keep going !! You can do it !!! xxx
    Luv Karen Cunningham